Dusty Fingers — Christmas III
For the last three years we’ve put together a holiday themed mix as our Christmas gift to you. A mix of songs that aren’t the hits you’ve been hearing beaten to death for the last few weeks, but still something you’ll reach for when you want to get in the holiday mood.See More Read more
Fall 21 Rugby Shirts
An editorial featuring our Made in Canada zip front rugby shirts. Wash and wear heavily. See More Read more
Fall 21 Tees + Socks
A new editorial focusing on Fall tees and socks including a new brown colorway of the Classic Comfort sock released today. See More Read more
Fall 2021 Hats + Beanies
Fall 21 sees the return of 3 of our most popular ways to cover your head. The longstanding favorite, the Overdyed Core Logo Hat, assembled and dyed in Los Angeles. The Fall/Winter favorite Heavy Cable Knit Beanie, made in Japan. And the newest of the bunch, the Daisy Bucket Hat made of twill also in the USA. See More Read more
Cairn Sculptures
Of the many things invented by prehistoric humans––shoes, clothes, the wheel––hardly any of those things have avoided some technological progress. But cairns––simple stacks of found rocks to mark trails or points of interest––have remained virtually unchanged, both in function and construction, since people first started stacking up some rocks on some other rocks around 15,000 years ago.Learn More Read more
Dakar Rally
There is only one sporting event in the world where a French playboy could take a friend’s 1970s Rolls Royce Corniche Coupe, jack it up on off-roading tires and suspension, outfit it with the drivetrain of a Toyota Land Cruiser, and then go hurtling across the Sahara Desert on a 10,000 kilometer stage race from Paris to Dakar.See More Read more
Nanga and Japanese Mountaineering
The common story of mountaineering is that it was born in the Alps, grew up during the British exploration of the Himalayas, and now resides in North America, led by a few large outdoor brands with the resources to produce the most technically advanced equipment and fund the most ambitious and well-marketed expeditions, all while still tracing a cultural lineage back to the earliest European Alpinists.But on the other side of the world, in the islands of Japan, mountaineering has a slightly different story.See More Read more
Camp Hero Shorts
Camp Hero is a weird place. It sits at the very end of the Long Island in Montauk and was commissioned by the US Army in 1942 as a coastal defense station disguised as a fishing village. It inspired elements of the creative direction of SS16, and took the naming convention for one of the first pieces of clothing we ever designed, the Camp Hero Short.See More Read more
Hats and Socks
Whether you have hair or not, it is important to wear a hat to keep the sun's rays off the top of your coconut, and out of your eyes. Our summer selection of hats builds on past season development with some new additions. Just like everyone needs a hat, everyone needs a good pair of socks. Our made in Japan plush cotton socks will help out when your dogs are barking. See More Read more
History of GPS
Modern people can simply look to their phones and receive exact real time navigation information delivered instantly by an interconnected system of 24 satellites to anyone, anytime, anywhere, doing anything –– whether commanding a nuclear submarine in the North Atlantic, on the road trying to find the next highway exit with a gas station, or just stumbling home from a strange bar at the end of a Friday night. Such is the miracle of the Global Positioning System. See More Read more
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