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In 1953, New Zealander Sir Edmund Hillary and Nepalese mountaineer Tenzing Norgay led the first successful expedition to reach the summit of Mount Everest, using little more than ropes, crampons, ice picks, and a couple of Rolex watches.

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One of the first graphics developed for SS19, the original inspiration for AdsumWorks came from logos and sponsorships seen across competitive sailing teams.

The name led the design. Looking around trying to find our place amongst our peers, we felt like “works” brought to mind a more manufacturing and performance driven alternative to calling ourselves a studio, agency or something else in Fashion. Something similar to Patagonia’s early days of Chouinard Equipment...

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Christian Tresser
When you tie up your favorite pair of sneakers in the morning, it’s rare that you think of how they came to be. The actual look and feel of a shoe usually comes down to one restlessly creative person doodling and dreaming up the future of footwear. Christian Tresser is one of the rare few who have done it again and again... Read More Read more
The UC Jacket

New to the light outerwear line-up for SS19 is the UC Jacket, a simple stripped-back popover style, made from water-resistant nylon ox...

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SS19: Performance Outerwear

Adsum’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection is inspired by high performance yacht racing. It is not a retro or ironic look at it, but a real appreciation of the skill and precision of a technical outdoor sport. Our Hardshell and Lightweight Anoraks were made to reflect these values.

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Group B

From 1982 through 1986, the World Rally Championship reached unseen heights as one of the most exciting, technologically ambitious, and outright dangerous series in the entire of history of motorsports. This golden age of rallying was ushered in by two things: the development of four-wheel-drive drivetrains and the introduction of a new and nearly entirely unregulated class of race cars termed “Group B"...

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Lake Placid, 1980

“God meant the Olympic Games for Lake Placid, and God meant Lake Placid for the Olympic Games.”

The man who said that to Sports Illustrated in 1974 was Luke Patnode, a middle-aged son of a carpenter and former high school athlete who had spent nearly a decade on the committee to bring the Winter Olympic Games back to Lake Placid, a small community in New York’s Adirondack Mountains that had hosted the third ever Winter Games in 1932...

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Brett Amory: 'Waiting'
Once described as an 'LS Lowry of the globalized era', Brett Amory didn’t try his hand at painting until his late 20s. Born in Portsmouth, Virginia (1975), he moved west to study Motion Pictures at the San Francisco Academy of Arts, and it was there that he enrolled in first in drawing classes, and then painting...Read More Read more
The Trip with Gym Standard
An editorial collaboration with our west coast friends at Gym Standard.See More Read more
A Walk in the Park
We took our cold weather gear for a walk in Central Park at dusk in the fall...See More Read more
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