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Drop 1 shirts and pants introduce two new styles to our SS20 collection, and also brings updates to two perennial Adsum pieces. Our classic Oatmeal Plaid Workshirt and Bank Pant see updates in materials, construction, and fit. While our new Twill Workshirt and Hogan Pant are welcome additions to our shirts and pants program.

The Oatmeal Plaid Workshirt in Brown.

Our two pocket classic workshirt has been part of our collection since the very get-go at Adsum. This plaid pitch was actually used in our first season and we revisted it because it felt appropriate for the SS20 collection and color palette. The two pocket workshirt was born in a pattern makers room in Manhattan by our old friend Yasu in 2015, and it has evolved over the years. The neck circumference and drop have increased. Same with body width and length. The original pattern actually had alternating front to back and back to front flat felled side seams which isn't commonly done much any more. Each season we continue to subtly tweak and refine the workshirt pattern and further adjust according to the fabric we use.

The Oatmeal Plaid Workshirt in Evergreen.

The plaid used on the classic two pocket shirt this season has a very dry hand feel. It’s a yarn dyed custom milled fabric that only Adsum uses. New to this season’s workshirt are two-hole oil-rubbed finished buttons that have our store address engraved on the face side of the button. All classic workshirt styles are finished with a vintage styled damask label on the wearers outside left pocket edge.

97 N7 on buttons is a nod to our flagship store located at 97 North 7th St. in Williamsburg, NYC.

Having been introduced this past season on to a lighter variation of Italian Moleskin fabric, the asymmetrical pocket workshirt has a similar body to the two pocket workshirt. However, it fits slightly shorter and more narrow in comparison to the workshirt.

For the SS20 season we used the same 30s 100% cotton twill as used on the Bank Pant and Bank Short. Hidden in the flap and placket on the chest of it are metal press snaps to anchor both closures. We used a button shape that we tooled after a classic button we found years ago. It’s chunky and has sharp edges and won’t break over years of laundering.

The Twill Workshirt in Dark Navy.

Standing the test of time like our two pocket workshirt is the Bank Pant. We changed the main body fabric to a stronger, more luxurious twill. The twill we’ve chosen out shines the typewriter cloth that we’ve used in past seasons. The yarn quality and twill weave we changed to will reduce blowouts that can happen over years of wear and tear.

Also added to the SS20 Bank Pant, is a workable zip fly at the center front of the pant. Consider it an added feature that you won’t have to drop your pant to your ankles at a urinal in a public washroom.

The SS20 Bank Pant in Darqua
The Bank Pant is also available in Navy

The Hogan Pant is a new addition to our bottoms offering. The cuffed, single pleat pant sits slightly higher on the waist in comparison to the Bank Pant. It uses a different fabric than the Bank Pant, a 16s 100% cotton twill. The difference is the tightness of the weave.

If you are to grab a pant leg of the Bank and Hogan pants, the Hogan pant will feel slightly more substantial while keeping the same softness as the Bank Pant. If you zoom in on the fabric, the diagonal ridges created on the face of both pant fabrics will be more apparent on the Hogan pant because of the lower yarn count.

The Hogan pant is a pleated and cuffed pant shown here in light blue.
The Hogan is also available in a dark navy.
A small tonal logotype embroidery appears above the back left pocket.

Our SS20 Drop 1 shirts and pants are classic pieces and personal favorites that deserve to be worn well and stand the test of time. All items are now available online or at our shop located at 97 N 7th St. Brooklyn, NY.

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