A couple of us here at Adsum spend a fair amount of time scrolling Tumblr for visual stimulation and creative inspiration - especially this last couple of months. Without doubt, one of our favorite feeds belongs to the Belgian photographer Quentin de Briey.

No big secret these days, we’re sure many of you will already be familiar with his photos, but for those that aren’t (or don’t regularly check his feeds), we wanted to give some airtime to a great photographer that seems to be working pretty close to the top of his game.

Quentin de Briey Canal st - Adsum
Lower East Side, 2019.

Quentin grew up in the French-speaking Belgian countryside, skateboarding and taking photos. The former seemed the more likely career before he picked up a serious injury, at which point photography became the main focus. Initially taking photos as a hobby, requests soon started coming from skate magazines wanting to publish his images. Not long after, he shot a cover for Kingpin with a friend, and things went from there.

Quentin de Briey NYC Bridges - Adsum
NYC Jan '20.

A series of personal photo books published from 2010 onwards helped raise his profile over the last decade or so, documenting a mix of travels, diaries, friends, skateboarding, and pretty girls. During that time, he's also shot for the likes of Lacoste, Samsung, and Supreme, as well as covers for Vogue, Interview and Holiday magazines.


Quentin de Briey Tompkins - Adsum
Tompkins, Summer '19.

We’re fans of pretty much all his photos, but took a real shine to his latest Tumblr upload back in March, where all of these were taken. Beautiful images of everyday life in New York City, in simpler times.

There’s no shortage of great photographers out there, but there’s something special about Quentin de Briey’s work.