A "stand out" piece in the second drop of Adsum’s FW19 collection is the updated Saratoga jacket. The bright, intense, saturated yellow used on our FW19 iteration holds an iconic place in our hearts and we tried to figure out why.

Dusty Fingers FW19 - Adsum

Rain jackets, rain slickers, rain capes are all widely accepted in bright yellow. A little research lead us to discover that yellow was the preferred color for fisherman garb starting in the mid 19th century. It was Sir Charles Macintosh and his business partner, Thomas Hancock, who developed and commercialized rubber rainwear and spread it across the UK. It was quickly adopted by the army, police, and other tradesmen that required performance waterproof garb. For one of our team members, a yellow raincoat was the accepted jacket color because his father pulled out a yellow North Face Hyvent jacket every time it poured.

Dusty Fingers FW19 - Adsum

Our yellow is a punchy lemony hue. It’s not marigold or the type of yellow that a school bus would be painted with. That's why it stands out a little more than some of the other yellow raincoats on the market. For those who still can’t wrap their head around a bright yellow rain jacket we made a soft navy blue colorway.

The Navy Saratoga Jacket. Image courtesy of Oi Polloi.

We used a custom milled three-layer fabric for FW19. We dyed the face fabric, which is 100% nylon, to our color specifications, and then we bonded a waterproof breathable poly-tricot mesh to create a completely new fabric. It functions similar to, and as well as, Gore-Tex. It will withstand heavy rain, snow and high pressure.

3-Layer FW19 - Adsum

We used YKK zips, fully taped seams to seal the interior of the jacket, and custom high gloss painted snaps. This second generation of the 3/4 length Saratoga also has improved pocket drainage, a throat tab button anchor which uses custom branded high impact resistant buttons, and custom reflective grosgrain zipper pulls.

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