SS18’s Spinner and Coaches jackets represent the more casual outerwear pieces of the collection. Both feature a sturdy yet soft Japanese canvas in colors favorited by the Group of Seven.

The fabric is able to achieve these two seemingly contradictory features through the process of enzyme washing. This process uses cellulase enzymes that attack the exposed cellulose on the fabric and converts it into glucose or a disaccharide, which can then be washed away. Important to this chemical reaction is that it does not physically abrade the fibers which would weaken the fabric. Instead, it only makes the canvas more supple and comfortable.

Cellulase - Adsum
Simple enough.

Equally important is that enzymes are produced by living organisms. This offers both logistical and environmental advantages over similar processes like stone-washing. Enzymes, being proteins produced by living organisms, biodegrade rather than lingering in the water supply. Also contributing to their ecological friendliness is the fact that enzyme washing techniques are more potent than other processes which means less of them are required to achieve a similar effect.

The Coaches Jacket

An evolution of a silhouette from FW17, the coaches jacket comes with a few tweaks for SS18 including changing the side seam to a double needle flat fell chain stitch and adding a vintage tin shank cuff. Two large front pockets with hidden Sungrip mini snaps contribute to both the utilitarian nature of the jacket as well as its visual interest. It’s a classic fitting jacket so we matched it with equally wearable colors; navy, green, and tan.

Vintage Tin Shake - Adsum
Branded vintage tin shank on The Coaches Jacket.

The Spinner Jacket

An all new offering for SS18, the Spinner jacket, shares a similar fit but adds a hood and swaps the front pockets for large welt side pockets. It comes in two of the more expressive colors of the collection including a relaxed yellow and sky blue as well as an all occasions tan colorway.

Just the type of easy jackets meant to get you through a weekender outside the city or banging around town.

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