Mind Your Head: Flagship Store Opening

This past weekend marks the opening of Adsum's flagship store. Located in the heart of Williamsburg, we're extremely excited to be a part of the neighborhood and provide the shopping experience we have always been looking for: unpretentious, inviting, and considered.

Like most things Adsum, we took a functional and clean approach to the build out and styling of the space. A "less is more" attitude.

The first thing most people will notice is that we're a few steps down from the street. It affords us a small deck for hanging outside when it's nice out and gives a bit of an idiosyncratic New York City neighborhood feel. After all, like many places in the neighborhood, it's had a few lives before it was ours. At one point the space has been a hardware store, a doula center, and a candy shop.

Everything was chosen with thought and with the goal of communicating our story and ethos. For example, a NychairX designed by Takeshi Nii is one of the few pieces of furniture on the floor. Designed in 1958, the rocking chair was created as a simple, space saving, foldable chair using durable yet simple materials in its construction. A mix of function, quality, and style born from Japan, the first country to stock Adsum.

Similarly, we made a seating pad for the front window bench and wrapped it in the same Italian Moleskin we used for this seasons workshirts. The book that lies on the slatted bench isn’t just a nice looking coffee table filler, but a gift from Blake Mills, a Grammy nominated producer, artist, and friend of the brand. Our first magazine ad, a drawing by UK based artist Ben Lamb of Carlos Valderamma wearing Adsum SS16 sits behind checkout. If you walk in right now, an orchid gifted to us by one of our manufacturers sits nearby. We aim to keep the space ever evolving and a true reflection of the history of the brand and where we aim to go.

In celebration of the store opening we’ve made a small collection of products under the banner of "Mind Your Head”. If the walk down stairs is the first thing you notice about the shop, then the low ceilings might be the second. We find it cozy, but our taller friends might catch a few head rubbers walking about. We created a graphic that references a pair of eyes going wonky after rattling your head. The “Mind Your Head” sentiment also fits well with the meaning behind ad sum, latin for “I am present.”

A slate tee features the print on the back, a new logotype hat has the graphic embroidered on the back left panel, and a beige tote has it in a chocolate brown print. All are available now as Adsum exclusives, online and in-store.

In addition to the Mind Your Head release, we are beginning to produce store exclusive accessories that we will release throughout the year. The first of these are also centered around the store and include BIC® lighters, a 5”x7" notepad, and stickers. They are all now available for purchase at 97 N 7th.

After almost 5 years since the inception of the brand, we’re all excited to share the physical manifestation of Adsum with everyone.

Please come to 97 N 7th, we’d love to meet you.

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