FW19 Graphics

Several graphic stories underline the collection theme, all of them coming from the types of designs you could expect to see while working in the field, some more direct than others.

The Square Park design was made while thinking of the classic old well-worn collegiate gear that a worker may have picked up second hand. An old favorite they wouldn't mind getting dirty. Ours replaces the school's name with Adsum and the collegiate crest with our own imagined one made from a simplified line work version of the iconic marble triumphal arch that dominates the park. It's found on our Made in Canada tees and hoodies.

While researching workwear jackets we were exposed to a lot of classic label designs. Our favorite, from an old 80s down piece, featured these ducks. We responded to their simplified and contemporary look, capturing the ducks and communicating their movement with only two colors. It was surprising to find on a heritage label. We pushed the minimal angle by doing a tonal embroidery on the hats, while the tees have front and back prints.

We also thought about branding on the trucks and products used in the field. We wanted something with a corporate feel. We looked at a lot and noticed some common threads which we tried to encapsulate in a simple manner. Many logos and brands were referenced with the most notable being the logo well known American deisigner, Paul Rand, designed for Ford in 1966 that was never used.

Harvest Records was founded in 1969 in England and is well known for releasing British progressive rock acts like Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. Besides sharing a name with our inspiration, we immediately liked the harvest moon/seed in soil motif of the labels emblem. We added another layer to the ground shape to reference an upside down 'A. Harvest Records now features disparate artists like Death Grips and TV On The Radio.

The Terra graphic most directly references the land and the idea of Harvest with it's rolling hills and rising sun. Using the layout from an old SAAB logo as it's base, we included the word Terra, or "land" in latin.

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