All of our FW18 Tees use heavy open end cotton jersey. This season, we wanted our shirts to feel dry and slightly rougher than ringspun cotton tees. It’s not that we don’t like super soft cotton t-shirts, we just wanted FW18 to be a more sturdy and classic heavyweight one. All of our shirts this season have also been garment dyed. On lighter color t-shirt styles, you can see the slight color variation from the garment dyeing process. This color variation will be most noticeable near the side seams and cover stitched areas.

Goal Tee Green - Adsum
The GOAL tee is based off an old magazine the NHL used to produce.

The season's graphics come from experiences growing up and playing hockey on ponds and in rinks across Canada and the US. Childhoods spent reading the NHL's magazine, GOAL, led to us recreating the distinctive lettering as a chest print for our appropriately named GOAL Tee.

The Minnesota Tee is inspired by the Christian Bros., a hockey stick manufacturer started by two brothers after their days playing for the USA in the 1960 Olympics and operated out of the land of 10,000 lakes. Their heyday came in 1980 when 19 players (and Co-Founder Bill Christian's son Dave) from the US Olympic team used Christian sticks to beat the much favored Soviet squad in the "Miracle on Ice."

Super Series Slate - Adsum

Hockey fans should also recognize that the lettering of the Adsum logotype in the Minnesota Tee references the Bauer logo, one of the biggest and most well known hockey companies, which was also used on our B Logo Tees.

For the Arial Tee, we looked back on the time of the Super Series and 70s gym t-shirts that tended to be simple one-color text-based prints.

The Super Series itself had many logos and type treatments across networks & materials in the US and Russia. For our Super Series Tee, we wanted to put our own twist on a simple design that we imagined would have sit nicely on merch stands dotted around the arena.

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