Engraver signatures or monograms have a long history in culture, design and fashion. They are simply a set of letters, usually initials, which are combined into a decorative mark that is used to identify a particular person or family. Early examples first appeared on coins in Ancient Greece as early as 350BC, making it one of the oldest forms of identification. During the Middle Ages, tradesmen, artists, and merchants began using them to brand their work. Since then they’ve been used on everything from subway tokens to sports team logos.

Waistband on Bank Pant - Adsum
The Adsum engravers logo.

Monograms aren’t limited by any set style or design and their arrangement reveals the intention of the design. For ours, we chose the classic presentation of a circle and used the full spelling of ADSUM to lean into the geometric look.

Welt pocket on Bank Pant - Adsum
Engraver embroidery on maroon heavy cotton-fleece hoody.

The graphic appears on our hoodies, crewnecks, and our newly released engraver hats. These hats are made in Los Angeles, California and come in three seasonal colors (navy, maroon, and khaki). They are made from our original hat block from garment dyed twill and are finished with a brown leather strap and matte silver clasp.

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