Joseph “Stealhead Joe” Randolph, a purposefully playful misspelling of one of his favorite fish to hook; embodied a distinctly American style of fly fishing unconcerned with glory and focused on a deep connection with nature. He was a classicist and a purist when it came to fishing and a free and easy soul when it came to life. An accomplished angler with a unique and strong individual personality, Joe was a well respected, and unlicensed, fishing guide on the Deschutes River in Oregon, who was recognized nationwide by the properly initiated. His untimely death only contributed to his mystique.Stealhead Joe - AdsumSS17 takes both direct and indirect inspiration from Joe's surroundings and ethos. A striped t shirt print referencing the detailing on a classic 80s outboard motorboat engine. A color palette from an early family photo. A looseness of fits referencing his personal style. A ruggedness of materials he would surely test. A little bit of Joe flows through every piece.
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