Located on Ossington St. in Toronto, Lost & Found is an oasis for men seeking quality clothing in the home of The Maple Leafs. If you stop in, you’re more than likely to be greeted by co-owner Jonathan Elias and the shop dog, Radar. We recommend you grab some coffee in the back of the shop and then start to browse. Maybe put some maple syrup in it. When you do get to parsing through their goods, you will be happy to find choice brands both big and small like Patagonia, Arpenteur, Viberg, Anatomica, Snow Peak, Levis, Norse Projects, S.K. Manor Hill, and, of course, Adsum.

If you have some extra time we suggest you check out the following places on the Ossington strip :

- Golden Turtle for a bowl of Pho.
- The Communist Daughter for a pickled egg and a beer. The sign out front says Nazare Snack Shop because it was an old Portuguese diner. By far one of the best Jukebox selections in the world.
- Bellwoods Brewery has a nice patio and some good local beers to go along with it.

But, if you’re like us, you’ll probably head over to Timmy Ho’s to grab a turkey sandwich to eat on the walk over to The Dakota Tavern for some consistently good live music. Some of the best cover bands we have ever heard.

Shop Lost & Found's Adsum buy:

- Light Blue Spinner Jacket
- Indigo Plaid Workshirt
- Brown Overalls — SOLD OUT
- Black Overalls
- Navy Bank Pant
- Navy Bank Short