FW17 Vest

Down jackets came to prevalence after a crazy guy from Seattle, WA named Eddie Bauer almost froze to death on a fishing trip.

After the near death experience, Mr. Bauer started to develop down filled jackets upon hearing that Russian military officers would wear feather filled jackets in the winter.

It is these early experimental vests and jackets that provided the original inspiration for our FW17 down filled products.

Ultrasoft Japanese Taffeta

We chose a lightweight 30 denier nylon taffeta for the FW17 vest. Using a lightweight fabric makes this vest extremely soft to the touch. A lot of insulated pieces on the market use shiny taffetas but we chose this fabric specifically for its matte finish.

Tonal Logotype Embroidery

The Adsum logotype is embroidered using matching color thread for an understated look.

700 Down Fill Insulation

Our down is rated at 700 fill power minimum. Having high quality down makes for a vest that keeps its loftiness year in & year out. We also guarantee that the cluster to feather ratio for the vests down is 90% cluster and 10% feather. More clusters = warmer vest.

Vislon Double Zips

Adjust the comfort level of the vest. Use the top puller to zip it up closed, or use the bottom puller if you want more breathing room below.

For the second iteration of our vest we made it soft, matte, packable, and extremely warm. It is best used as a layering piece over a sweatshirt, but for ultimate warmth, layer it under a wool coat or hard shell.
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