Lichen + Graphic Tees

Like many modern discoveries, we first found Lichen on the internet. The internet, like life, is a bit of everything. Funny, dark, interesting, scary, happy; but when we found Lichen’s corner of the internet, it felt like home. Or, at least, the home we want.

Sweat Tops and Outerwear

A Mies van der Rohe designed couch might sit next to a Nike swoosh coffee mug. One-of-a-kind pieces are mixed in with tried and true classics from Knoll and Vitsoe. Add in some nice plants, good music, coffee, friendly people, and you have Lichen. Founded in 2017, we’ve watched what started as an instagram turn into a full-fledged furniture and coffee shop just a 10 minute bike ride from our own in Brooklyn.

Despite it being obvious, it took us a couple years to connect the two dots and think “hey, why don’t we reach out and do a shoot at Lichen.” Lucky for us, the admiration was mutual; so on a recent winter morning we stopped by and took some shots in our newest FW20 graphic tees.

Sweat Tops and Outerwear
Sweat Tops and Outerwear

If you’re in the neighborhood, definitely stop by Lichen. If you don’t leave with a a chair or a sofa, we can guarantee you will leave with some inspiration.

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