Hats and Socks
Whether you have hair or not, it is important to wear a hat to keep the sun's rays off the top of your coconut, and out of your eyes. Our summer selection of hats builds on past season development with some new additions. Just like everyone needs a hat, everyone needs a good pair of socks. Our made in Japan plush cotton socks will help out when your dogs are barking.
Dark Madras Bucket Hat on model
Dark Madras Bucket Hat
The Classic Bucket Hat and Daisy Bucket Hat have wrap-around brims offering the most sun and rain protection. The Daisy Bucket hat performs best in hot/dry climates, whereas the Classic Bucket Hat with its longer crushable brim works well in all weather. The classic bucket hat in the nylon taslan used on the Site Short has become a running and fishing hat for us. It’s quick drying and rolls up easily into the front pocket of a backpack or duffel bag.
Safety Red Bucket Hat on model
Safety Red Bucket Hat
The Tree Hat utilizes a permacurve brim. We believe that all hats look best with a brim that has been worked into a curve which is why we shoot our Core Logo Overdyed hats with a curve even though they ship out to you with a flat brim. Having a permacurve takes out any fuss around working in a brim curve. Other notable features include dyed to match metal eyelets and custom made sizing adjuster.
Raspberry Core Logo Hat - Adsum
Light Olive Tree Hat - Adsum
Suede Baseball Cap - Adsum
Our sport socks are made from plush cotton knit and finished in Japan. Every season color is custom dyed to spec with this season’s palette being earth tones. The comfort fit sock features two different types of knit techniques on the tube of the sock that grips your ankle and lower leg area. Each sock is finished with an outward facing direct embroidery. We call it the comfort fit because the entire foot area of the sock has a thick, cushioned terry to help absorb sweat and protect your foot from abrasion.
Classic Comfort Socks
Classic Comfort Sock
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