There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just simply have no choice but to slow down. Moving at a fast pace is something you don’t do anymore, and taking the scenic route is preferred. It’s in this slowing down that you begin to notice things that you've never seen before, as well as things that have always been there, but in a different way.

Don’t forget to water your plants.
A clean sidewalk brings peace of mind.

Although I can still run and jump and live in a city that forces you to keep brisk pace, these are things I have learned from an early age from those in their later years.

If you're not holding hands with anyone. Hold your own hands.
Brown woodgrain, brown leather interior, brown leather jacket, brown pup.
A sunny day in Hollywood calls for a good hat.
The Arts section of The Times, a cup of coffee and a fresh scone is all you need on a Sunday.

From people-watching on a shaded park bench, to visiting a museum to enjoy a painting you have seen hundreds of times. It's these everyday simplicities that truly bring joy to life.

DIY is not dead.
Don’t forget your gloves while shopping in the city on a cold day.
Turning a page has much more appeal than scrolling through a phone. Especially when your phone still folds in half or is connected to a cord.

Gramparents is an homage to those people and a constant reminder for everyone to dial it down a notch.