"Respect your elders." It's a phrase you probably heard entirely too much of growing up. You also probably begrugindly accepted it with quiet indignation. Well Kyle Kivijärvi, the man behind the instagram account @gramparents, took the sentiment to heart.

Any stump, stair, railing, becomes a potential resting point when you're older. Why not look stylish while doing it?
New Balances with the perfect pair of blue jeans, a wool coat, and a comfy winter beanie—the perfect outfit to walk to the Guggenheim in fall.

After working a summer job in a retirement home back in his hometown of Seattle, he quickly learned that older people have a lot to teach you and you can learn tons from them simply by having a conversation. The characters he met and the friends he made there are still some of his favorites.

At the same time, he started to appreciate the style of seniors and the garments they own and noticed that they styled themselves more interesting than their younger counterparts. They did it, not only better, but with a kind of respect and honesty. An honesty and a knowing of themselves and their personal tastes that can only be cultivated with age.

Only great style allowed aboard the Polar Mist.
"A sunset stroll in Coney Island with my best friends in my white Crocs and 5" lime green trunks? Count me in."
Of course he's happy. He's relaxing next to his boat with a freshly pressed pair of pants, white socks, and a pocket tee & hat most likely aged from falling asleep while at sea.
Which one is the work of art?

As an ode to their style and this often overlooked time in one's life, Kyle started @gramparents. It has allowed him to document his favorite outfits of the most seasoned vets of street fashion. Trends fall away and only personal style is left for these folk.

Old people ingenuity with the headphone flip to keep the fedora in place.
The rare double scarf gets heightened with multi-colored paisley tie and shearling coat.
Hard to beat a nice flannel tucked into loose rolled-up khakis for a sunny stroll.

Taking a scroll through the feed has a disorienting effect for our youth obsessed culture. Hopefully, it makes you stop, think, and realize, your best days (style and otherwise) may be ahead of you.

Photos by: Kyle Kivijärvi
Words by: Christian Richard Rice