We drew inspiration from the harvest season for our FW19 collection. Cultivating large plots of land and deriving value from it requires skillful and rugged people. The clothing worn by these workers played a key role in influencing the style of the collection. Digging through harvest related imagery, past and present, reveals a perfect mix of people dressed casually but with purpose & function at the forefront. Splashes of pop colors, sportswear items, traditional workwear items all come together and meld into a unique style that we wanted to celebrate fall season.

Mixing workwear styles with classic outerwear staples was an important goal for Adsum. In drop 1, a workwear influence is most evident in the new Herringbone Work Jacket and Utility Pant. Both are produced in a durable, heavy, dry herringbone twill - typical of classic workwear garments.

Closeup of Herringbone Twill - Adsum
A closeup of the back duck pocket of the work jacket with the matte nickel shank and dry herringbone twill that is used on the work jacket and utility pant.

Several graphic stories underline the collection theme, such as the Terra Firma logo, referencing the land directly, and the Square Park design, typical of old well-worn collegiate gear that a worker may have picked up second hand. Designer Pete Macnee was keen on highlighting the style of harvest workers that was put together in a hodgepodge way. People mixing sportswear/hoodies with workwear like tough jackets and pants, and almost always wearing a hat to protect from the sun and other elements.

Terra Logo - Adsum
The FW19 Terra Firma or "Solid Ground" logo references rolling hills and distinct lines of wine harvesting.

For FW19 we've moved production of all cut and sew knit products to Canada, utilizing one of the best mills/ suppliers available. Fabric and sew quality have been improved, and all Canadian cut and sew styles have been refit to a North American spec. They feel and fit exactly how they're supposed to with no shrinkage issues.

Cauliflower Harvesting - Adsum

Workshirts are a go-to in the fields and work alone or for extra warmth under outerwear. We have two styles in Drop 1, our Purple/Navy and Turquoise/Dusty Purple plaid with a dry durable hand-feel, and our cream based plaids with a softer brushed cotton hand-feel. Both are custom milled plaid pitches, 100% cotton, plain-collared, with two flapped, button-fastening chest pockets and a vintage damask chest pocket label.

Plaid Workshirt and Utility Pant - Adsum
The green/cream plaid workshirt and closeup of the Utility Pant with custom rivets.

It's our small way to celebrate the land and the people that work it.

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