Adsum’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection draws its influence from coaches. Almost always, it’s the athletes who steal the limelight, but we wanted to focus on the people that those athletes stand on the shoulders of. The people who have experienced it all and matured into the game. Coaches like Kenny Dalglish (Soccer), Pat Burns (Hockey), Bill Walsh (Football), Cus D’Amato (Boxing). Guys with a passion for the game and a knack for teaching and motivating—coupled with the ability to develop talent with an analytical eye.

Kenny Dalglish - Adsum
Kenny Dalglish getting lifted as the manager of Liverpool.

We designed with three categories in mind: training, game day, and weather.

Training covers the more casual pieces. Imagine the coach on the practice field or watching tape late at night. The training range is probably best exhibited by our reverse weave fleece crewneck sweatshirt and sweatpants as well as the Training Foundations Tee and A-lines Longsleeve.

Game day consists of the higher end and more designed pieces. It’s the showcase when you want to put forth your best and lead by example. A proper pair of the corduroy tuxedo pants matched with the flannel fuzz workshirt over a pique longsleeve wrapped in the clean B-Jacket; and you're off.

Weather is the unknown factor that you always need to be prepared for. The game goes on in rain and snow and you still need to perform at your best despite the elements. These are the scenarios that our outerwear shines in. The updated Jetty Jacket and its bonded, DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coated, waterproof breathable corduroy and its removable down liner will make sure you're dry and warm when you need it. For extra warmth, the tan vest and its 700 fill power goose down will step up to the plate.

Each category covers the typical situations a coach deals with and fits well with the categories we, as Adsum, have always focused on.

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