Elijah Anderson (@spacehose) for Summer 2021

If you don’t already know him, we would like to introduce you to Elijah Anderson. Also known as @spacehose on Instagram, Elijah’s art is pure and original. His use of space, color and form create pieces of art that are irreverent and entirely his own. When COVID first hit NYC and BK, it saw many businesses, ours included, have to take a knee to reconsider how to operate. Before the pandemic we would prepare a lookbook for buyers to sell in upcoming collections to our wholesale partners. COVID made it impossible for us to create a traditional one working with a model, stylist and photographer, so Elijah stepped up and created this illustrated version. Having worked with world renowned publications, brands and artists in the past, we were lucky to link up. This is what we came up with together.

Work Jacket, Olive Hogan Pants - Adsum
3/4 Snap, Site Shorts - Adsum
Rugby, Hogan Pant
Polo, Bank Short
Bank Short, Core Logo Tee
Camp Hero Vest, Effo Shorts - Adsum
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