We’re particularly proud of our fleece production this season. All of Adsum’s core fleece styles were produced north of us in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. These hoodies and crewnecks were made using a supplier that has solidified itself as one of the best manufacturers of cut & sew knit styles in the world.

Core Logo Embroidery Crewneck - Adsum
A colorfast turquoise crewneck with core logo embroidery.

There are a few reasons why this factory appeals to us and many others. It starts with the main ingredient used in a 100% cotton fleece hoodie or crewneck, the fabric. Our supplier is vertical, meaning that they construct our fabric using circular knitting machines to the specification that we provide. Many times when you are working with agents overseas, corners are cut and fabrics are sourced from existing lots of fabric.

When you don’t make your fabric from scratch, controlling issues such as crocking (the rubbing off of color from a fabric when subjected to abrasion), torquing (the twisting of fabric), and shrinking become difficult to keep a grip on. We know that all the fabric used to make our FW19 fleece styles comes from the same production lot of fleece, so there is consistency in the product we’re delivering to our customers. All fabrics are dyed at a facility owned by the same supplier. We process lab dips to perfect our color shades, and the fabric is dyed and processed before being cut & sewn. This improves colorfastness, the evenness of how the dye sets into the fabric. It also drastically reduces our shrinkage rates.

Pill Logo Hoodies - Adsum
Pill Logo hoodies in two colorways.

Sewing knit styles requires using different machines than what you would use to sew a dress shirt. Ours use coverstitch that allow for seams to stretch without breaking. We overstitch our hoodie and crewneck armholes and rib at the neck opening for a cleaner, more stabilized seam. It takes more time to do this sewing process, but it improves the overall quality of our fleece garments.

Adsum constantly strives to find long term, high quality manufacturers to partner with and grow alongside. We’ve found one up in Canada and hope you enjoy where we are at in the evolution of our fleece products for FW19.

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