One of the first graphics developed for SS19, the original inspiration for AdsumWorks came from logos and sponsorships seen across competitive sailing teams.

The name led the design. Looking around trying to find our place amongst our peers, we felt like “works” brought to mind a more manufacturing and performance driven alternative to calling ourselves a studio, agency or something else in Fashion. Something similar to Patagonia’s early days of Chouinard Equipment.

We liked the way it looked with no space between the words and a heavier weight for Adsum to delineate between the two. We placed it on the hoodies by itself for a simpler option but thought that it could also benefit from an icon attached to it.

Adsumworks - Adsum
AdsumWorks chest logo on 420gsm French Terry Hood.

When we started brainstorming it was a short leap to the obvious connections between an open sail and the the letter ‘A’. Not content with the early naughts worship of the triangle, we ideated on shapes and alternatives that read as strong while still containing a sail/triangle shape. Adding a disconnected slanted parallelogram to the shape of an upright sail, allowed it to still read as an ‘A’ while giving it a stronger foundation and an overall sense of movement. It also allowed us to play with color combinations, adding interest and legibility for its placement across a variety of colors.

Adsumworks - Adsum
3-color graphic prints on the back of our 100% American cotton tees.

AdsumWorks hoodies feature the logotype embroidered on the chest of a breathable 420gsm French Terry. It’s our idea of the perfect summerweight hoodie; not too heavy but still durable. Two made in America totes have the wordmark screenprinted on their side and come in blood orange and bright blue Cordura™ fabric, a durable woven fabric that has a longstanding military heritage and is used in a multitude of other performance based activities. A new style for SS19, the Run hat, also features a contrasted AdsumWorks embroidery on the water-resistant and breathable dobby weave fabric and is finished with a terry cloth headband and a nylon webbing adjustable hard clip closure. It is only our 100% cotton tees that feature the full design with 3-color chest and back prints.

Adsumworks - Adsum
Cordura Tote bags feature a stripped-back logotype print.

The AdsumWorks mark is reminiscent of a lot of the kind of early modernism and Swiss influenced graphic design that many of our favorite brands still hold the torch for, and a lot of great sports teams sadly started to abandon in the 90s. It’s a graphic that’s representative a lot of what we like around here: simple, modern, sporty, clean, timeless. Shop AdsumWorks Products